The company Golshid Plastic Products was established in 1991 in Iran by An Iranian Family, with the goal of becoming one of the best manufacturer of bags and packaging in Iran. They have since become one of the best in packaging industry but still strive today to continually improve quality and enrich the Golshid plastic product portfolio.
Since its inception, Golshid plastic has repeatedly increased production capacity and expanded its distribution network among all major Iranian cities. The company continues to reinvest the main portion of its profits into qualified staff and high-tech equipment.
Trade office and warehouse are located in Karaj, Iran at an outpost founded in 2000.
As of 2016 over 65% of the company’s production is exported to customers in Middle East and Europe. Maintaining high product quality and an active stance on the ecological aspects of packaging are a priority for Golshid plastic’s management.
Golshid plastic is certified to meet a number of international standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 10002. The company is a member of Assoplast the Iranian Association Polymers.